July 10, 2019

"We messaged Dutch’s on Facebook for a price on hauling away our three section recliner piece. We had cut it down into three separate sections and Dutch quoted us at $30(in itself we were pleased,) we were told they send a separate truck to pick up large items, as they are our regular trash pick up as well. So we had the couch on our porch until we got a call they’d be picking it up. Well today was our regular trash day, so we set just our regular trash, (and a ton of cardboard,) down on our sidewalk. We have A TON of steps to walk up to our house from the sidewalk. When my wife got home she was so excited. She told me they had walked up to our house and took the couch too! We felt bad that they had to go up and down all those steps, but the fact that they did it without calling to tell us to move it down, or anything like that was awesome!!! We felt truly appreciated as customers and will recommend dutch’s to anyone! Our regular trash service has always been great, but this was an above and beyond moment that needed recognition! Thanks guys!!!"
July 6, 2019

"I spent about a month looking for an old metal tricycle for my son's birthday, I finally found one on their lot. Didnt even charge me for it, one of the nicest people I've talked to in years."
May 15, 2019

Great service overall

"Own a Rental business. Every time i call for an estimate they are there and if im not available to be there they call me i pay over the phone with them and they clean everything up very happy with the service they provide. I have them also for pick up home for about 7 years always picks up on the day of trash collection never had one issue with them. Very nice workers when i call in recommend Dutch's Hauling to everyone even all my tenants try to use them.. Keep up the great work "
April 1, 2019

"Great company! Very nice people"
March 16, 2019

"Best you will get right here"