May 13, 2020

"We have had Dutch's Hauling for years. And they have always had personable people working for them. Always on time with there pick up. And anytime i have more than normal trash i let them know and they have been great about it. Very pleased by there services"
May 12, 2020

"Cheapest garbage guys in town. But you dont get lackluster service with the low cost. They are always on time and if they are running late, they'll make a Facebook post and let you know. I'll be a customer for life."
March 30, 2020

"Dutch's is the best service I've ever had. Their service is amazing and they're priced very competitively. They also recycle every week compared to biweekly from competitors."
September 25, 2019

"I absolutely love Dutch’s hauling. Every time I call to pay my bill they are beyond friendly!!!! I’ll be sad if I ever move away and have to go with a different company. They are great people Holly Tate"
September 15, 2019

"I spent about a month looking for an old metal tricycle for my son's birthday, I finally found one on their lot. Didnt even charge me for it, one of the nicest people I've talked to in years."